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We are a small team of writers and tech enthusiasts on a mission to help small businesses make informed decisions about payments.

The site is run by Polynia Limited, a global publisher of reviews and comparisons primarily within the payments field.

We put a lot of work into testing, researching, reviewing and explaining products and services relevant to payment solutions and the ever-changing ways we’re getting paid.

Why? Because transactions fuel all businesses for success. Making the wrong choice in this area can really affect your bottom line – at MobileTransaction, we’ve all been there and know what’s at stake in a startup.

Our articles are written with editorial independence. In fact, we do not accept incentivised reviews, which is rare online where a lot of review websites tweak ratings if a company pays for it. We value integrity, honesty and critical thought coming from the writers’ own knowledge and analyses. Central to it all, we try to focus on what matters for the individual merchant.

To help pay for the costs of publishing, we may accept advertising in various forms, including banner ads. From time to time, we may feature special product offers for the benefit of our readers, but our reviews and ratings are still based on prices and conditions available to the general public. The compensation we may receive for featuring promotions or offers or otherwise referring customers does not affect our editorial content.

Products and services change over time, thus we do our best to ensure our website is up to date with the most recent information. Our reviews and advice may be updated as products and services evolve or the price significantly changes. However, we cannot guarantee that our information is always up to date.

While we do our best to keep our reviews current, errors may occur. If you find any mistakes, we’d appreciate if you contact us so we can reassess it.

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